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Wild Beer - Wineybeest 2021


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A big chocolate character is balanced by Californian Cabernet Sauvignon acidity. Fermented in foudre and aged in red wine barrels, we blended 1 and 2 _ year old beers to make this remarkably complex imperial stout.

Very few imperial stouts have the subtleties and balance as this. Taking the brash and bold Wildebeest stout and maturing it in our wine barrels has produced a balanced acidity and red berry notes. Wineybeest has a long, rich, and elegant imperial stout character with a pronounced red berry acidity and jammy notes that add layers of complexity to the finished beer, making it stand out from the crowd.

Wild Beer - Wineybeest 2021 | Blended Wine Barrel Stout | 10.5% abv | 750 ml