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Wiper & True - Lemon Drop Hill (Gluten Free)


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This bright, citrus-fresh Pale Ale combines zesty lemon aromas with subtle pine notes. A final touch of florality combines to create a wonderfully balanced Pale Ale that just happens to be suitable for those living a gluten-free diet. Brewed in collaboration with the Beers Without Beards group which aims to create safe spaces for women and non-binary folk to enjoy and learn about beers. Together we brewed an IPA for their annual Women in Beer Festival (WiB Fest) to raise awareness of diversity and inclusivity issues in the beer industry BarthHaas X proudly supports the Women in Beer festival.

Wiper & True - Lemon Drop Hill (Gluten Free) | Gluten Free Pale Ale | 4.0% abv | 440 ml

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