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Woven - Homemade


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Like the neighbourhood that inspires it, HOMEMADE is vibrant, bold, and full of character. It has sweetness and spice in equal measure.

From our studio in Leith, we combine the traditions of yesteryear with contemporary thinking. HOMEMADE takes inspiration from iconic blends that cemented the areas reputation as a hub for whisky and wine merchants. We employ an abnormally high malt content (Over 70%) and a double act of sherry seasoned cask finishes to create a full and vibrant profile. 

The result? A taste of our locale, a nod to the past, and a vision for the future.

Big Flavour | Non Chill Filtered | Just Natural Colour


Woven - Hone made | Blended Whisky | 46.4% abv | 50 cl