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Wylam - Keepers Ale | Newcastle Stock Ale (Newcastle Castle Collab.)


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A stock / keeping ale brewed in collaboration with Newcastle Castle. Drawn on tradition and produced using a pick of historic ‘strong ale’ ingredients apace with a selection of imported medieval adjuncts which journeyed up the River Tyne circa 1350. Zaftig, plump and well upholstered with double roast crystal, red rye crystal and traditional roast barley alongside muscat raisins, organic figs and muscovado sugars followed by an unhurried fermentation using an orthodox, hardy yeast strain culture. A concomitant of rich malt loaf, liquorice root, dried fruit and pipe tobacco intermingle with a bittersweet tartness blended masterfully with ripe plum stone fruit yeasty esters.

Wylam - Keepers Ale | Newcastle Stock Ale (Newcastle Castle Collab.) | Stock Ale | 8.3% abv | 440 ml

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