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Yonder Brewing - Cherry Amaretto


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Cherry Amaretto is a cocktail-inspired sour, brewed with sweet and sour cherries, and an emphasis on the natural almond-esque flavours of the cherry stones. It is sweet and sour in equal measures, just like an expertly made cocktail should be. Shaken, not stirred This is the next in our series of Glasgow porters inspired by the writing of James Steel, so if you enjoyed The Fixed Stars, you'll like this. It's brewed to a higher gravity recipe intended by Steel for 'bottling porter', which needed a higher gravity to survive the rougher treatment involved in 19th century bottling processes. It's powerful and has depth of roast that offers dark chocolate, espresso and nutmeg biscuits with inky black cherries and a subtly balsamic acidity. It has beautiful balance, concentration and finesse.Brewed in collaboration with the Beers Without Beards group which aims to create safe spaces for women and non-binary folk to enjoy and learn about beers. Together we brewed an IPA for their annual Women in Beer Festival (WiB Fest) to raise awareness of diversity and inclusivity issues in the beer industry BarthHaas X proudly supports the Women in Beer festival.

Yonder Brewing - Cherry Amaretto | Sour fruited | 5.0% abv | 440 ml

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