Sour Beers

Don’t be so sour. Sour beers are great!

Yes, sour, you read that correctly. Sour as in tart and acidic, or sour as in your terrible ex! Either way you look at it, sour beers make your cheeks pucker up!

So are they beer you ask?! Well, yes, absolutely.

Sour beers are brewed with 100% natural beer ingredients ie water, hops, malts, and yeast, but there is also one small secret ingredient- natural bacteria.

There are a couple of different types of bacteria that are used, but the most common type is Lactobacillus. Don’t worry, it is the same type of bacteria that is used in Yakult yoghurts.

Basically, what happens is that the bacteria feeds on the sugars in the beer during the absence of oxygen, and then converts the sugars into lactic acids which are the sour flavours that you pick up on.

The sour flavours in the beer can range great from style to style. Some beers taste like light lemon acidity and others are vinegar in characteristic. The flavours depend on the style, ingredients, and brewing methods being used.

Different styles of sour beers:

When it comes to styles of sour beers, the list can really vary.

The Germans have two popular styles called Berlinerweisse, and Gose (pronounced like goes-uh).

Berlinerweisse is a straight shooting sour beer with very low hop bitterness, and soft lemon sourness to it.

Gose is really similar, but it is brewed with salt. I know, salt in beer sounds totally weird, but it definitely works. It’s kinda the same way that a margarita with a salted rim works.

There are also things like a Flemish red ale (one of our favourites). This style basically tastes like drinkable balsamic vinegar.

Another popular style is gueze (pronounced like the goo in Goo Goo Dolls with a “z” at the end). This style is easily the more complex out of all the sour styles as it is a blend of 2 different beers that have been barrel aged with not only natural bacteria, but also natural yeast. We’re not gonna go into too much detail on this one, as it totally needs a full blog dedicated to it, but they are a must try!

When it comes to sour beers, we absolutely love them, but they’re definitely not for everyone. It’s easily the marmite of the beer world—you’ll either love or hate them, but it’s always good to give them a go. We always recommend trying the beer with dark chocolate. The oils in the chocolate cover up the front receptors on the tongue that pick up on acidity and help to mellow out the flavours- it’s pretty amazing!

As always, if you have have any other questions about sour beers, or want to know more, then give us a holler!

Here’s a list of different sour beers that we currently have in stock!

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