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Lucie Organic Pet Nat IGT 20 Scirocco -


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A wholemeal, unfiltered, sparkling wine refermented in the bottle. It is a wine with a low alcohol content (11.5%), organic, vegan, sugar-free, with only 64 kcal / 100ml, free from added sulphites and free sulfur. Produced in Sicily, in the area of ​​Santa Ninfa (TP), from inzolia grapes, harvested by hand in boxes, from vines over 30 years old. CHARACTERISTICS Soils: calcareous, medium texture Vineyards: old Inzolia vines Altitude: 250 meters above sea level Cultivation: organic Aspect: clear greenish yellow or opalescent ivory white Bouquet: citrus and floral with hints of flint Taste: full, savory, elegantly sparkling Pairings: it is accompanied by joy, cheerfulness and lightness. It combines harmoniously with light dishes, from first to second courses, passing through pizza. Valid alternative to beer.

Lucie Organic Pet Nat IGT 20 Scirocco - | Pet Nat | 11.5% abv | 750 ml

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