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Ross Cider Co - 2019 Gin Pear


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Sometimes, great perry takes time. Gin Pear is a favourite variety of ours on the farm; a huge tree that grows fruit in clusters, ripening late October. The perry it produces is always so delicate and floral, with hints of elderflower and juniper across the palate, with varying levels of astringency on the finish depending on the vintage. This particular bottle was bottled pŽt nat style in September 2020, but being perry, it took six months to finish it's fermentation in the bottle. Now, in the summer 2021, we have disgorged it, and it is ready for release. This is a truly classic Ross on Wye perry: floral as above, with some pleasant level of grippy astringency, leaving you no doubt that this is a dry and beautiful expression of our orchards.

Ross Cider Co - 2019 Gin Pear | Cider | 4.0% abv | 750 ml